Guitarists - if you play guitar, and you don't know about these players, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Martin Taylor
Tommy Emmanuel
Stephen Bennett
Jeff Linsky
Tuck Andress
Pat Donohue
Frank Vignola

Guitar Gear
- highly recommended sources for great guitars and gear

Lowden Guitars - world-class acoustic guitars from Ireland
Godin Guitars - great and very reasonably priced guitars and guitar-synths
Strings and Beyond - buy strings here for less
Elderly Instruments - great seller of (mostly used and vintage) guitars and accessories
12th Fret - another seller of great used (and new) guitars, with excellent customer service

Other Resources - miscellaneous music and guitar related sites

All About Jazz - info and pictures about jazz musicians (past and present)
Just Jazz Guitar - online jazz guitar magazine
Jazz Guitar Online - another online jazz guitar magazine - all kinds of jazz guitar resources
Acoustic Fingerstyle - a great site made by and for fingerstyle guitarists
Harmony Central - a musician forum with tons of gear reviews
Whole Note - a great resource for guitar students
Guitar Solo Publications - extensive collection of (mostly classical) guitar sheet music
Sheet Music Plus - all kinds of sheet music
Harrison Music - a great place for lessons (if you live near Richmond, VA)
Note Setters Inc. - a great resource for transcription and music publishing

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