What's a "Solo Jazz Guitarist"?

Art plays solo (unaccompanied) guitar arrangements of classic jazz standards. He plays "fingerstyle", in the tradition of jazz guitar greats like Joe Pass, Charlie Byrd, Lenny Breau, and Martin Taylor. Art's arrangements are rich and polyphonic, often sounding more like solo piano (or guitar duet) than solo guitar.

Art's music seamlessly blends elements of fingerstyle, jazz, and classical guitar. In the words of one critic, Art plays with "classical hands and a jazz mind". This hybrid combination results in music that is tasteful, fresh, and eminently "listenable".

Check out samples of Art's amazing solo guitar playing and his critically acclaimed new CD, "Easy Living" here.

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Who is Art Hodges?

Art Hodges is an American guitarist, composer, arranger, and teacher currently residing near Tokyo, Japan. For over 25 years, he has studied, mastered, performed, and taught a variety of guitar styles and musical genres (including jazz, rock, blues, and classical).

Since the early 90's, Art has been an eclectic voice in the central Virginia music scene. He has collaborated, performed and recorded with everything from jam bands to classical ensembles. In fact, Art may hold the unique distinction of being the only guitarist in history to both memorize the Bach Chaccone in D minor, and portray "Slash" in a Guns-N-Roses tribute band.

For over a decade, Art has been teaching students of all ages to play guitar and appreciate all kinds of music. In 2008, Art bid a fond "Sayonara" to his friends, fans, and students and moved to Japan, where he continues to pursue happiness and a thriving music career.


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